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A Social celebration of Argentine Tango, in Canberra Australia


Oct 2-5, 2020, Canberra  (registration postponed)

Tango in the Spring 2020 is scheduled for Oct 2-5 at Albert Hall. We have postponed registration due to the uncertainty regarding public gatherings and travel created by the Covid-19 pandemic. We would still love to have the event this year, so stay tuned. 


Tango in the Spring is our two-yearly celebration of great Golden Age music and social tango dancing spread over 4 days, with top quality milongas, a practica, asado, and more.

Since its inception in 2008, we have had the same goal: social tango nirvana! For us, that means good traditional tango music from experienced DJs, good sound, a comfortable venue, allocated seating and lighting for cabaceo. We will be at the elegant Albert Hall for all the milongas — high ceilings, parquet floor. You will get a warm welcome from the Canberra tango community as well as all the Tango in the Spring regulars. Starts on Friday evening, and ends on Monday afternoon. The Monday is a public holiday in some states, and even if not for you: stay anyway!

All the organisers are volunteers at this non profit event. It is organised by dancers, for dancers. We are not affiliated with any tango teachers or dance schools. We’ve got DJs from other cities, and a whole bunch of people from Canberra will be helping during the festival. Our aim is to have a great time, and strengthen social tango in Australia by connecting dancers across the nation and beyond.

The Tango in the Spring team: Yuko Kinoshita, Gary Barnes, Jarny Choi, Tim Silpa-Anan, Jane Won.

A project of the Tango Social Club of Canberra, a non-profit association.